About Us

Home of Hope is an American-owned and operated, non-profit orphanage in China. We provide a loving environment to Chinese children who have become orphaned.

At Home of Hope, we give these precious children the opportunity to become productive citizens of character. They are given a well-rounded K-12 education, and with help from our sponsors, have the opportunity to go on to college.

Our orphanages currently care for children in homes in three cities: GongYi, XuZhou and PingYu. Since January 2000, we have encountered hundreds of Chinese orphans, and we know there are more. These little boys and girls come from all backgrounds. Most have already experienced horrible tragedies and hardships during their short lives. But without the involvement of our staff, they have little hope for life.

We receive children from local law enforcement, extended families, and sometimes, abandonment at our front gates. As part of our agreement with the Chinese government, each child brought into the Home of Hope Organization, undergoes a physical exam and is then given a wonderful home and healthy food to eat. Best of all, our kids learn love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.


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